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Welcome to Oak Ridge School of Leadership, Environmental and Health Science where we are dedicated to helping learners explore their infinite possibilities.

Parents and guardians play a critical role in the education of their children. Students are successful when families and schools work together. We are committed to working with parents and guardians to ensure they have the tools needed to support student achievement. The information and resources linked below are designed to keep parents connected to their child’s academic success.

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Magnet information

What is a school of leadership, environmental and health sciences?

At Oak Ridge magnet school, students learn inquiry skills where their questions and curiosity drive learning. Students are encouraged to observe, wonder, conduct research, and make discoveries on their own using our magnet theme as inspiration along the way.

Each aspect of our magnet theme is interconnected. As students develop in one area of the theme, their growth in other areas is magnified. As they grow as leaders, they recognize problems and implement solutions, such as organizing a trash pick-up day for Earth Day, or writing to the city about the cleanliness of the pond adjacent to our campus. When students spend time exploring and observing in our outdoor learning areas, they build empathy and understand connections between the health of the environment and their own health. As they learn about their own health through mindful movement and healthy eating partnerships, they are better able to learn in every area. Learn more >

Your child may qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

We encourage you to apply online. The process is SAFE, SECURE AND PRIVATE. Follow the easy-to-use, step-by-step screens to enter household information to submit your application. A new application is needed each year.

Apply for free or reduced-price meals >

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