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Special Projects

Students lift long branch

Invasive Species Removal

Students learn to identify and safely remove invasive species such as buckthorn.

Students lay erosion control fabric on hillside

Erosion Control

Learners noticed soil erosion around the stairs to access one of our outdoor learning spaces and worked with a specialist from the City of Eagan to place cloth barriers to control it.

Class proudly points to filled hole in ground

Sinkhole Remediation

Students found a sinkhole near the pond adjacent to our campus and wrote to the City of Eagan asking them to fill in the hole.

Kindergarten girl and boy make sandwiches
Kindergarten students make sandwiches
Kindergarten students make sandwiches

Sandwich Project

Students made sandwiches for people experiencing homelessness. Two 4th grade student leaders produced a video to teach the kindergartners how to assemble the sandwiches.

Students put trash collected into dumpster

Trash Collection

Learners organized an all-school trash pick up contest for Earth Day.