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Family Involvement

Poster that says Can you find eight leaves in one minute?
Young student guesses how many pinecones are in a jar
Guests line up at welcome tent

Math/Outdoor Learning Night

Math and outdoor learning are combined for extra fun!

Adults and kids watching library book sorting machine
A teacher talks with students and families
Parents watch their children write
Two students show their schoolwork to their parent
A teacher and parent read aloud to families

Literacy Night

The literacy-focused Family Night may include a visit from a published author or a behind-the-scenes tour of the Dakota County Library.

Students play game made of recycled materials
Students grouped around a table watch a robot competition
Father and daughter play pingpong made of recycled materials

Environmental Engineering Night

Students show off environmental engineering projects including a cardboard arcade, instruments made from recycled materials, robotics and more!

Four smiling girls sitting on a bench
Adults and children roast marshmallows over a fire pit
Two adults and two children walking in the woods

Lebanon Hills Family Nights

Families are invited to Lebanon Hills Regional Park to enjoy the park and see what their learners are exploring on their field studies.

Parent and child wearing safety glasses
Parent and child wearing safety glasses
Parent and child display project

STEM Family Helpers

Family members are invited to join their student in STEM throughout the year.