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Four elementary students of various ethnicities smile for a photo.

What is a magnet School of Leadership, Environmental and Health Sciences?

At Oak Ridge magnet school, students learn inquiry skills where their questions and curiosity drive learning. Students are encouraged to observe, wonder, conduct research, and make discoveries on their own using our magnet theme as inspiration along the way.

Each aspect of our magnet theme is interconnected. As students develop in one area of the theme, their growth in other areas is magnified. As they grow as leaders, they recognize problems and implement solutions, such as organizing a trash pick-up day for Earth Day, or writing to the city about the cleanliness of the pond adjacent to our campus. When students spend time exploring and observing in our outdoor learning areas, they build empathy and understand connections between the health of the environment and their own health. As they learn about their own health through mindful movement and healthy eating partnerships, they are better able to learn in every area.

Contact the office at 651-683-6970 to schedule a tour over the summer, or click "Request a Tour" and we will contact you in September!

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Our School Mission

Empowering all students to achieve and inspiring life-long learning through high expectations, collaboration and respect.

Every Day at Oak Ridge

Students walking in the forest

We engage with our magnet theme throughout the day, through waste reduction efforts, outdoor learning, and outdoor play and exploration.
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Unique Learning Spaces


Students enjoy several unique indoor and outdoor learning environments.
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Community Partnerships

Two students crouch in the snow to look at a water test kit

We are proud to work with many community partners to enhance students' learning around our magnet theme.
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Special Projects

Student uses hacksaw to remove buckthorn

Our learners identify problems and implement solutions on our campus.
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Family Involvement

Parent and child wearing safety glasses

Families are invited to several events each year, where students get to share their learning.
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Thank you to our Community Partners!

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Karla Bisco

Karla Bisco